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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

mug shot
Photo courtesy The Calaveras County Sheriff’s office

This guy learned the hard way that if you flee the scene of the crime, not everyone is going to just let you go.

In this instance it’s like Batman caught up to this guy. Last week deputies from Calaveras County, California say a man who allegedly struck a person with his car and drove away was found hours later tied to a telephone pole at the scene of the crime. The incident took place in Valley Springs, and officers say 29-year-old Thomas Bechtold was arguing with 47-year-old James Leslie at an intersection when Bechtold reportedly got into his vehicle and hit Leslie, knocking him unconscious. Bechtold then fled the scene. Three hours later, authorities got a call saying the suspect had been dropped off at the same intersection, and they found Bechtold “battered with his hands tied behind his back and tethered to a telephone pole.”

Here’s the story from the local CBS news affiliate.  click here