Would You Call The Cops If You Saw A Guy Outside Holding A Pillow In The Middle Of Winter?


This is like a scary movie:  Imagine you’re out in the freezing cold, and see a guy in the distance standing perfectly still . . . with no jacket on . . . staring straight at you, with a big smile on his face.

Someone near Minneapolis called the cops when it happened to them last Thursday. They described the guy as a “deranged” man, and said he was also holding a PILLOW and hugging it in a creepy way.  So police thought the guy might be having some kind of mental breakdown. But after they showed up and got close enough, they realized it wasn’t a deranged man.

It was a cardboard cutout of Mike Lindell . . . the guy from the MyPillow commercials.

It’s not clear why the cardboard cutout was there, or who put it there.  But MyPillow’s headquarters are in Minneapolis.  So cardboard cutouts of him are actually somewhat common around the area. I have to admit it is a bit creepy.