Woman Tries To Evade Cops By Wearing Oversized Costume Of A Dog’s Head

dog in disguise

A Texas woman robbed a convenience store and made off in a car, but she knew the cops were on her tail, so she tried to disguise herself by wearing an oversized dog’s head costume.

Police say 30-year-old Colleen Dickens stole cigarettes and $10 in cash before speeding away. Officers were able to track her down, and she led them on a chase until they stopped her. When she got out of the car, she was wearing the large dog’s head and was reported be wearing wings as well (obviously a Fallen Angel). Once the cops got her back to their shop things got really ruff as she kept spitting on officers. She was charged with robbery and evading arrest. We just hope it was worth the 10 bucks and pack of smokes. This kind of thing could give McGruff the Crime Dog a bad name!