Why Am I Hearing “OK Boomer” All The Time Now?


The Greatest Generation gave birth to Baby Boomers who then gave birth to Generation X. That, my friends, brings us to today.

If you have a Gen Z’er then you probably have  heard the expression “OK BOOMER”.  The past few weeks our Gen Z daughters have outworn the expressions welcome.

ME: Clean your room please.

THEM: Ok Boomer

ME: Please feed the dog.

THEM: Ok Boomer

You see where this is going.

Every time we ask them a question the answer is pretty much been the same. “OK BOOMER” As with most of their age group slang, we ignore… but this one hung on too long so I researched. The phrase comes from, you guessed it, social media, in particular the widely popular App, Tik Tok. Watch below to see how this new term has exploded across the globe and even has its own definition on Wikipedia. I guess there has been a long tradition of younger generation bashing, as a member of Generation X, I remember myself and my peers being called “slackers” before my peers went on to build the internet or bravely race into the Trade Centers on 9-11. i try to choose my battles wisely with two teen girls, so as long as they clean their rooms and feed the dog,” OK BOOMER” is OK with this Gen X’er.