When Your Co-workers Remind You Of TV Characters


Danny Wild from the “Loon Morning Crew” is one of my favorite people. I always tease him though about his paranoia. It’s funny how sometimes people remind you of tv characters from the past. So, I’ll give you a little background here. Few weeks back Danny was missing his “jump drive” a little external hard drive we all have here at work. He right away said “somebody stole it!” As I’m sitting in the cubicle next to him I’m thinking …it’s around here somewhere. Sure enough it was on the desk of his morning partner Mac’s desk. Danny forgot he borrowed it to him to upload files to the Lakes Woods And Irons website. Then just a few days later Danny lost it again. Same thing…”Somebody stole it …what’s the matter with people!….oh wait it’s here in my computer bag”. All I could think of was the temper tantrums that Bulldog from the show Frasier (also in a radio setting) used to throw. Dan is a little more layed back, but the video below will pull back the curtain just a bit.