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What’s Your Favorite Scream? Can You Tell the Difference?


Are you good at interpreting human screams? Researchers have determined that screams can convey at least six different human emotions. The analysis revealed six psycho-acoustically distinct scream types: anger, pain, fear, pleasure, sadness and joy. They found that listeners responded more quickly and showed more brain activity upon hearing positive screams. University of Switzerland’s Sascha Frühholz, lead study author, explains, “Positive screams might have gained priority in humans, because most of our environments are safe; and positive emotions and screams are much more important for human interactions. And as humans we actively seek contexts where we can produce positive screams — for example, watching our favorite soccer team winning a match.” He adds, “Screaming is a ‘natural’ ability, newborn babies scream as their first act in life. And we do not have to learn to scream.”

Check out the Top Ten Screams we found on YouTube.