What’s It Worth To You To Travel To The Big Game In Atlanta?


This is a tidbit I ran across today. According to Darren Rovell of Action Network, a Patriots fan paid $180,685.44 for eight seats at the 50-yard line for the game on Feb. 3. I thought that I’d try and run some comparisons on how else you could spend that kind of money AND enjoy the Big Game.

  • Invite 275 friends over and give them all a new 65 inch 4K TV and of course keep one for yourself.
  • Fly yourself and 134 friends to Atlanta for the weekend and hang out in the local establishments to enjoy the vibe.
  • Buy a recently listed Studio in Breezy Point, on the lake, including boat slip AND fly with 8 friends to Atlanta and get upper deck tickets to the Big Game. Or leave a couple friends home and buy a couple extra 65 inch 4K TVs
  • Buy 1800 Families Groceries for a week.
  • What’s wrong with people?