Whats It Like To Stare Directly Into The Dark Heart Of Our Galaxy? We’re About To Find Out


I’ve always been a sky junkie. Before I pads, I pods, I phones, there was mother nature and all the magic that it held. Now, don’t get me wrong. Most times while exploring, biking, playing, or my favorite, starring at the sky for hours, usually included my walkman and my favorite Fleetwood Mac cassette. For decades we’ve heard about the “black hole” a supposedly huge, dark disc in our earths atmosphere. Turns out the black hole isn’t really black. The mass, as research has observed, actually gets so hot that it glows.

Astronomers unveiled the first direct image of a black hole and the surrounding of white hot gas and plasma, known as the Milky Way to sky junkies everywhere today. Captured by EHT which stands for Event Horizon Telescopes is a network of eight radio telescopes scattered throughout the globe, Sagittarius A is what it is named. A even larger “hole”, the Messier 87 is found in the center of the constellation Virgo.

Take a minute to show your children or grandchildren the magic of mother nature.