What’s a Flexitarian?


Since I have food allergies I’ve had people bend over backwards for me on fixing a meal, and I appreciate it. According to a new survey, one in three people consider themselves “Flexitarian”. Flexitarians are kind of semi-vegetarians. They mostly eat plant-based food but have meat every once in a while. They can’t say they’re vegetarians, and so they’ve come up with this new term for it.

Here are some of the results as to why you’d want to be Flexitarian.

  • To eat healthier without feeling I am depriving myself — 70%
  • To feel better physically — 69%
  • To feel better mentally — 57%
  • To lose weight — 46%
  • To set a good example for my children/others — 27%

My question is, what percentage of people cut the meat out of their diet because they can’t afford the hamburger?  And is it really good for you if you have FRIED chicken?  How about deep fried shrimp?  It’s like the guy from my hometown that used to sit down to have a ½ pound burger and fries at the local restaurant and then tell the waitress that he’s trying to cut down and that she should bring him a Tab.