Dumb Parent Turned Cool Parent- Lesson 1: What On Earth Is Tik Tok??


Last night after I prepared a gourmet meal for my family, Ragu and noodles, we sat down for dinner in our tech free zone for 15 minutes to catch up as a family. Night after night we try to obtain some sort of ‘normal’ in this world that my husband and I rarely understand. With a teen and a tween, both female, we scratch our heads, shake our heads, and feel lost trying to connect with them. CONNECT! Ah ha! Perhaps that is the word, the answer. 

They are constantly connected so maybe we need to educate ourselves on what they are connecting too. After years of resistance we have chosen to try and understand their world, their language, their lives. If you find yourself in a similar situation, I’ll occasionally post what is happening in the brain and social life of the mysterious and moody Jr. Higher.

In today’s lesson we will learn about Tik Tok.  In short, it’s a really, REALLY popular app, especially with tween and early teens. How popular? More than 300 million users popular. What the %$#@ is it? Tik Tok is a short-form video app. Videos are 15 seconds long and replay in a continuous loop. The results showcase everything from incredible talents to precious moments to learning and knowledge bits.

Since the app is open to the world, mature content can be found and displayed. Thankfully the app has privacy settings available. Tik Tok encourages positivity and love, but, as with most social media open forums there is also negativity.  Classrooms and teachers are currently looking into using it as an educational tool to illustrate concepts and lessons. an example of a Tik Tok video below.