What Do Parents Miss The Most Before They Had Children?

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

A recent survey asked parents what they missed most about their life before kids.

As it turns out, sleep, silence and sex were high on the list.

Here are the Top 10 Things Parents Most About Their Pre-Children Days:

  1. Sleeping in on the weekends
  2. A clean and tidy house
  3. Watching television in complete peace
  4. Leaving the house at a moment’s notice, without having to worry about a babysitter
  5. Spending money guilt free
  6. Having a shower or bath without being disturbed
  7. Date nights
  8. Going to the toilet without being disturbed
  9. Vacations/holidays that didn’t hinge on school breaks/terms
  10. Getting a full night’s sleep

Get the full list of 50 here: (Study Finds)

But if you didn’t have kids, you’d miss out on all of the sweet chaos!  So embrace your kids literally and figuratively!  Here’s a little flashback parenting for you.