What Do Most People Do When They Can’t Sleep?


The ongoing joke with the Loon Morning Crew is “I’m tired–You tired?–I’m tired…”  Well it just so happens today that we found out what is making us all so tired?

It seems a lot of couples want a sleep divorce!  A survey found that 31% of respondents said they love each other and are happy in their relationships, but they would like a “sleep divorce” from their significant other. Some of the reasons include snoring, temperature issues, restlessness and the need for personal space while snoozing. (Today)

We also had it on the show this morning that a new survey found the average American only gets 10 perfect nights of sleep a month. Three in five respondents said they frequently have trouble falling asleep – even though many admit it’s their own fault. What do they do that keeps them up?  51% say they watch TV in bed before they go to sleep, 45% scroll through their phone, eat too late or even have a cup of coffee before hitting the sack. (SWNS)

And what do we do when we can’t sleep?  Here’s a look at the top 20 insomnia hacks.  “I’m tired–You tired?”

1. Watch TV/movie                                        43%
2. Switch positions in bed                            38%
3. Read a book                                                36%
4. Scroll social media                                    36%
5. Read online articles                                  34%
6. Get a drink of water                                  34%
7. Play phone games                                      32%
8 .Play video games                                       31%
9. Take a walk outside                                  28%
10. Stare at the ceiling                                  26%
11. Go lay on the couch                                 25%
12. Meditate                                                    24%
13. Walk around the home                          24%
14. Think of dream scenarios                      24%
15. Think of past regrets                              23%
16. Listen to a podcast                                  22%
17. Stretch                                                       19%
18. Listen to white noise                              19%
19. Count sheep                                             16%
20. Do taxes                                                   15%