Weird Soccer Goal Leads To Controversy


In this country we have controversial calls that have fans threatening legal action in the NFL.  But if you live in the Netherlands you want to sue over soccer.

This video is hilarious!  Can you imagine if this happened in New Orleans?  What if instead of the bad “No Interference” call, the referee actually caught the ball and scored for the other team… and then counted it?

Here’s how it rolled.

A referee in the Netherlands accidentally scored a goal against the Harkemase Boys football club on Saturday (May 25th.) During the match between the Harkemase Boys and HSV Hoek, the Harkemase Boys’ defense were scrambling to stop the Hoek offense from scoring inside the penalty box. One of the defenders tried to clear the ball away from the goal, but the ball hit the referee and bounced back into the goal. After a second, the ref signaled that the goal counted. FIFA considers referees to be part of the field of play, and so balls that touch them are still in play.  That means the goal was legit!  Click here to get a more complete story: (Mashable)