Weird News– Homeowner Reported As Squatter


Can you imagine coming home and finding a sign like this in your yard?  In the past week, Jacksonville, Florida police say they’ve been called to a home three times on reports of squatting, and that someone even placed a sign on the yard indicating squatters live there. But there’s one issue—the homeowner says he’s living there.

Jacob Plique says he bought the home on July 1st, and has been living between the house and his old condo as he moves in. He says he didn’t think much of the police visits that began on September 7th, until someone put the sign up in his yard. The sign cautions of squatters living in the home and lists the non-emergency number for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office—the sign is attributed to “Neighborhood Watch.” Plique says the whole ordeal has been strange, but he wants to chalk it up to nosy neighbors or miscommunication.

It seems to me like the people that are part of the Neighborhood Watch could simply walk over and introduce themselves, it would solve a lot of problems.  Check out the news report below. (