Week 17 Purple And Gold Predictions

US Bank Stadium 3

It’s an NFC North match-up come Sunday afternoon with the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears, and for the Vikings it’s put up or shut up. The Purple and Gold can automatically earn a post-season berth with a win over the Bears. The Bears have already sealed the NFC North division and are playing for a first round bye.

It just might come down to the wire in this big boy, physical football fest. The Vikes will need to rely on their offensive star power in Dalvin Cook, Adam Theilen, Stefon Diggs, and Kyle Rudolph. Quarterback Kirk Cousins has to move the sticks, pass for over 250 yards, throw three touchdowns and zero interceptions to make the playoffs a reality.

There’s still a chance the Vikings could see some post-season action with a loss on Sunday if the Washington Redskins beat the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s also possible the Vikings will have back-to-back games against the Chicago Bears. The difference will be Sunday’s game is at the house of pain, U.S. Bank Stadium, and next weekend the Vikings could very well be traveling to Soldier Field for that first round play-off game. We all know it’s never a gimme against the Bears, especially on the road.

Enjoy this week’s video! Purple and Gold Predictions are below the video. Share your prediction on our Facebook Page! SKOL Vikes![0]=68.ARCO5nFqilw7yxrN60TKs2B5Y1MpVNna5U7klgjklNfb2VzPBm0SQiPDQewXvmcUlZjFJno3zHEMzDlpIAWzBP8_fGaRmA6IdN93PIj_H_CvD2D9mz6SSfwogKKFHmBKjUT1wWSzQ4TvBMBMyDLiYyNxLOjqX-wOGrQCWMDimHwGZNegAG0-k67LWCy1xqcb48A8a6_CQX3tbDjHFf7bR1OwrLXpiZkiFbXNPqX7RDUzGiaG6jUYYVbQJGxvEHQq1ToHd4D6lpVWqe9SMZUT8JRRvQWCAerRVaia8w2YhctPNTb-KNLwsHyQZTrS7MReorEtKJqpUhSf9isn4B3XEIv0iTBZj_0IC8BomZfaQC6dfLeFQCL5MGkv8e3MVePIngbn&__tn__=-R

Purple And Gold Predictions:

Noelle: My usual, Vikings by 3!

Michele: A black and blue, bloody mess all the way down to the wire. Vikes by 1!

Shep: We’re opening the doors at noon on Sunday for the late afternoon Vikings/Bears match-up. Come one, come all! Vikes by 8!