Week 13 Purple And Gold Predictions

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Nice rebound from our Purple and Gold last week with that 24-17 win over Aaron Rodgers and those stinky Green Packers. Twisted Sister, Noelle nailed it again. She was spot on with her prediction. How does she do it?

Five games left for the Minnesota Vikings in the 2018 regular season, two of which are very tough match-ups on the road. First up are Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Foxborough, MA at Gillette Stadium. Brady is still currently one of the best quarterbacks in NFL, but the 2018 season has not been the best in his career, with an 8-3 record.

The Vikings will need to play both sides of the ball. Strike early and often, and rely on Dalvin Cook to light it up against the Pat’s defense.

Enjoy this weeks video from your Twisted Sister, Michele and Noelle. Hope to see you at our sponsor location Sunday afternoon, Shep’s on 6th in Brainerd (Your Vikings Headquarters). See the predictions below, and share yours on our Facebook page!


Purple And Gold Predictions:

Noelle: Vikes by 3 – Woohoo!

Michele: Arghhh Vikes by 1

Tom Brady: They usually don’t tell me until just before the game. I’m Tom Brady!