Week 12 Purple And Gold Predictions


The Minnesota Vikings suffered another loss and critical game in week 11 against the Chicago Bears. That was our opportunity to take over first place in the NFC North. The good news is there’s only 11 team out of 32 with a winning record in the NFL, and the Vikings are one of them.

Now it’s starting to get down to whether or not the Vikes will even get a Wild Card berth for the playoffs. There’s still some tough games left in the regular season, and the Queens have not faired too well in that Sunday night prime-time slot, which is where we’re at again for week 12 against the Green Bay Packers. At least we’ll have the hometown crowd on our side. Let’s hope (I know hoping does not win ball games) Aaron Rodgers continues to have mounting frustration, and a little ankle flare-up wouldn’t hurt. By the way, Packers’ head coach, Mike McCarthy’s job is on the line which will make this Sunday night’s game even more interesting. The 1st place Bears face the Lions in Detroit in that early Thanksgiving Day match-up.

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Purple and Gold Predictions

Noelle: Lions and Packers and Bears – Who cares? – Vikes by 7!

Michele: We got this one – Vikes by 10!