Third Annual United Way ‘Small Business Blitz’ Happening Thursday, September 27th

united way
Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

For a couple hours on Thursday, the third annual Small Business Blitz from United Way will be happening in the Brainerd community.

According to a press release sent out, the Small Business Blitz will be happening on Thursday, September 27th for around three hours. During which members and volunteers from United Way are going to visit small local businesses. These volunteers and United Way board members are going to answer questions and pick up contributions for the local United Way.

United Way Executive Director Jennifer Smith mentioned in the press release how much this helps to get engaged with the local businesses.

“Last year’s event was not only fun, but it helped get more businesses engaged and involved in United Way. We truly want everyone to feel invested and a part of this campaign, regardless of the size of their business. Every donation makes a difference and an impact in our community.”

It was also announced that Hubbard Broadcasting and the Brainerd Dispatch are going to be donating an advertising package worth nearly $1,800 to one of the contributing businesses during the Small Business Blitz. Each business that pledges during the Blitz will be getting a shoutout live on-air on WJJY 106.7, B93.3, Cool 103.5, and The Power Loon 107.5 radio stations. Along with that, The Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce is offering one winner a free one-year business membership or $500 in advertising. 

If you have any questions, you can call the United Way office at (218) 829 2619 or email