Turns Out You Can Win A Vacation By Posting A Selfie On Election Day


It’s Election Day! There’s lots of reasons you may come up with not to vote, but we found this reason TO vote this morning! And of course it fits right in with all the “I Voted” selfies I have just witnessed on Facebook. The travel company Contiki is trying to change things and encourage people to vote today by giving away a free vacation to anyone who takes a selfie with their “I Voted” sticker and posts it on Instagram with the hashtag – #VoteWithNoRegrets

One lucky voter will get a free vacation to exciting locations such as Cambodia, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand, and Peru– plus $1,000 worth of airfare. Not too shabby. I think that after the last 3 months of listening to all the left and right rhetoric, we are all ready for some sort of vacation! So get busy and vote and then post your pics!  Oh! And don’t forget to get your entry in for Hear Today Gone to Maui!  You don’t even need a hashtag for that!