Triplets Trick the Basketball Officials


When I first heard this on the news this morning I thought it might be a joke. We probably all thought about this as kids and how cool it might be to have a twin or sibling that could sub for us when we were in trouble or needed to be in two places at once, but this is extraordinary!

After Dora High School in Missouri defeated Licking High School by two points, some parents of the losing players watched video of the game and noticed something fishy. Dora, which has a set of triplets on the team, had performed the old switcheroo and swapped two of the brothers at the foul line.

The video appeared to show Auston Luna getting fouled. But then as he walks toward the sideline to talk to his coach, who happens to be the triplets’ father and the school’s principal (wow!), one of his brothers walks to the foul line to take the free throws in his place. It’s believed they may have pulled the switch multiple times during the game. Other opponents, it turns out, have also suspected them of doing it.