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Top 5 Styx Songs of All Time- Danny and Mac with Stephen Sails


Danny, Mac and Stephen Sails all weighed in on their Top 5 songs from Styx…. OF ALL TIME.. this morning.  Please add yours to the discussion in the comments and if you do, you could win a PowerLoon T-shirt!


5) Lorelei

4) Fooling Yourself

3) Miss America

2) Blue Collar Man

1) Renegade

Honorable Mention:

Suite Madam Blue,Grand Illusion,Mademoiselle



5) Lorelei

4) Renegade

3) Blue Collar Man

2) Come Sail Away

1) Grand Illusion

Honorable Mention:

Suite Madam Blue,Too Much Time On My Hands,I am the Walrus


Stephan Sails:

5) Rockin’ The Paradise

4) Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)

3) Miss America

2) Crystal Ball

1) Suite Madam Blue

Honorable Mentions: Lorelei, Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man), The Grand Illusion