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Top 5 Alice Cooper of All Time


Here’s the breakdown from the Loon Morning Crew with special guest Stephen Sails!

Alice Cooper Top 5 of All Time!

Danny Wild

5)  Under My Wheels

4)  Only Women Bleed

3)  Serious

2)  Billon Dollar Babies

1)  Welcome to my Nightmare

Honorable mention—18, Elected, No More Mr Nice Guy


Stephen Sails

5)  Be My Love

4)  No More Mr. Nice Guy

3)  Is it My Body

2)  Welcome to My Nightmare

1)  Billion Dollar Babies

Honorable mention—Balad of Dwight Fry, Go to Hell, Teenage Lament ‘74



5) 18

4) Schools Out

3) No More Mr Nice Guy

2) Under My Wheels

1) Be My Lover

Honorable mention— Billion Dollar Babies, Is It My Body, Elected

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