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Top 5 Aerosmith (of all time) Loon Morning Crew w/ Stephen Sails


Aerosmith Top 5 (of all time)


5) Come Together

4) Sweet Emotion

3) Walk This Way

2) Train Kept a Rollin

1) Big Ten Inch Record

*Honorable mentions- Mama Kin, I’m Down, Love in an Elevator.



5) Hangman Jury

4) Dude (looks like a lady)

3) Dream on

2) Sweet Emotion

1) Walk This Way

*Honorable mentions- Baby, Please don’t go, Angel, Train Kept a Rollin’.


Stephen Sails

5) Dream On

4) Same Old Song and Dance

3) Last Child

2) Back In The Saddle

1) Walk This Way

*Honorable mentions- Sweet Emotion, Toys in the Attic, Lord of the Thighs.