So What Should Go Into The Former Tim Hortons Location?


So now that Tim Horton’s has closed we have a new empty building here in Brainerd.

We played the speculative game a few months back about what could replace Olive Garden when it closed in Baxter. So far it is still empty. So, what is the fate of the now empty Tim Horton’s location? While I do think the places we listed earlier with the Olive Garden closing would still be in play, a few more places came up in conversations around the office today.

  1. Five Guys – Nobody loves a great burger more than me, but does Brainerd really need another burger place?
  2. Chipolte– This is sort of like Red Lobster. It’s been rumored to coming to town for years. My thinking is, if it hasn’t happened by now it’s not going to.
  3. Hobby Lobby– This would be something different for the area. I’m not sure the building is big enough though. Might still work in town, maybe just another location. Once again, just some random thoughts on my part. Nothing here is based on any inside information. What do you think?