Everybody’s a Winner And A Loser In Latest Vikings/Packers Matchup

goal line

So I get off the air this morning after having talked about the Vikings vs Packers game and was getting settled into the rest of my day. And I get the question…”You did sports this morning right?  Can you explain that Vikes game?” 

I said “everybody wants an explanation of that game!”. It starts with the fact that nobody won! I know we live in a society where everybody gets a trophy, but c’mon! I can’t stand it that a football game ends in a tie! Don’t the players make enough money to go to a second overtime? Then there’s the driving the quarterback to the ground calls, the seemingly never ending holding calls, and the Treadwell effect.

But other than that, a hard fought battle that delivered a Thielen catch for the highlight reels and the Diggs catch that tied us up. And on the other side of the ball a quarterback with one good leg and a will to win, but officials that didn’t want anyone to win! With all the fingers being pointed at the end of it, the game goes down in history with title of “My Kingdom for a Kicker!”

Here’s Coach Zimmer’s take on things.