The Sounds Of Summer Are Here For Brainerd


This morning after the Loon Morning Crew put another stellar broadcast to bed, I stepped outside to soak up a little vitamin D.

I knew the clouds were going to be moving in and so I grabbed a little of the outdoors… between visiting with Stacey at B-Bay and working my way back to my windowless cubicle where most of my day is spent toiling on the trivial matters that consume my day.  While standing in the sun I closed my eyes and lifted my head to gain full benefit of the solar rays.  I think this is the first time I’ve done this, this summer!  Sometimes I love the simple things.

By closing my eyes I suddenly realized all that I could hear!  I could hear the mower that was giving the green grass a haircut at our neighbor’s here in Baxter, I could hear some guys from across the road at Nor-Son planning a project as they loaded their truck, I could hear the traffic on College Road that now streams past our studios due to the construction detour, and I could hear the funny sounding bug that was hiding in the grass nearby.  Sometimes we step away from our work thinking we need some quiet time only to realize that things don’t need to be completely quiet. Instead what I needed in that moment of time was just what I got.  The sounds of summer.

Have a great day in the Brainerd Lakes!