The Social Distance Is Closer Than You Think


The PowerLoon is the Brainerd Lakes Home for the Best in Classic Rock, and we’re worldwide at  You’ve heard us say that your social distance is closer than you think when you have the PowerLoon mobile app, and here’s an example.  I was gone on vacation last week, and when I got back this note/letter was on my desk.  The message was assembled on sticky notes, and described a socially distanced summer connected by the PowerLoon.   Here’s the full message:

When we get together over the past years @ friends’ cabins in the area, we play this game (used to be a drinking game too but now there’s a bunch of kids runnin’ around).  During Covid, we have been playing together virtually in WI, IA, MN and listening to your station,  (Sat, afternoon, so say hi to the Hammer for us!) and playing PLoon has been the highlight of many a long weeks and a way for us all stay connected when we can’t party together on the lakes.  Here is a sample PLoon board.  We play ‘til someone gets a bingo and my daughter is going for black out for weeks now.  She just needs a Judas Priest and a Toto!  One of our friends even has a homemade PowerLoon flag hanging from their deck on the lake in WI.  Thanks for all the fun times and great music!  ….(Love) the PLoon crew—Jeff, Alison, Nicole, Aaron, Joel, Katrina, Loren, Chris, Crystal, and Cindy.  (We would totally die if the Hammer gave us a shout out on a Saturday between 5-7 pm 🙂 )

What a privilege to be part of your summer!  You can bet we’ll be getting some Judas Priest and Toto on the list this weekend.  And when Andy Hammre returns from his vacation, he’ll be happy to get out a greeting.  The PowerLoon app in your pocket – powered by Hilltop Camper and RV- the perfect addition to any summer in the Brainerd Lakes,  your lake home in Wisconsin or Iowa, or anywhere else you’d like to celebrate the weekend.  (see below pics)