The Rules Of Re-Gifting For The Holidays

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Here we are in full swing of the holidays, and it never fails, many of us face some tough decisions when it comes to whether or not to re-gift a present. Hey, not everyone has bottomless pockets stuffed with cold, hard cash.

Remember that Seinfeld episode with the label maker that was re-gifted. I’m pretty sure that’s where the term re-gifting originated. So, is it ok to re-gift a present? Yes, but follow some basic rules to avoid a major faux pas and quite possibly hurting someone’s feelings.

First, make sure the gift makes sense. Don’t give sparkly earrings to someone that doesn’t even have their ears pierced. Next, for heaven’s sake remove the old tag. That’s just tacky to present a gift to someone and the old tag is still on there. Pretty much a no-brainer there. Keep the gifts you receive from special people in your life, even if it’s not necessarily your style or taste. It would break their heart into a million pieces if they ever found out. You want to pick up all those pieces? Never re-gift family presents. We’re talking the family heirlooms. They’re called keepsakes for a reason. It’s a really good idea to avoid re-gifting in the same circle of friends, unless it’s planned of course. If you do get called out on it, be honest and confess your sins, you’re better off in the long run. Finally, re-gift in moderation. You may think you’re being frugal, but there’s a thin line between frugal and a cheap skate.

With that being said, I have a couple of closets to clean out. Enjoy the Seinfeld video below, and share any of your re-gifting memories on our Facebook page.