The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame—My Visit.

rock hall front

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland has long had an attraction for me, somewhat because of what I do for a living, but also because I’m a rock and roll fan!

So when my bride and I found out that we would be traveling to Ohio to take in a wedding this summer, we started to assemble what things we might do to round out a little vacation time. And what do you know… The Rock Hall is in Ohio!

First of all, I have to say that I was surprised with how beautiful the landscape is in Northern Ohio. We immediately said that it felt like Minnesota! Lots of woods and the people seemed genuine and friendly. We had purchased our tickets to the hall in advance so all we needed to do was find parking and get to the doors through a rainstorm, which we did and didn’t even melt!

We were greeted by a friendly lady at the door that gave us a quick overview of how the building was laid out and suggested we start on the lower level and work our way to the top of the 7 levels of Rock legend.

Here’s our host Robin, later in the day she gave us a station ID that you may have heard on the Morning Show.

The memories of rock are laid out chronologically to begin with and help you understand the forming of the sound that ultimately was given the name Rock and Roll by Radio Talent Allen Freed… from where? Cleveland! AHH…..Now you know why its called the Birthplace of Rock and Roll. The seemingly never ending turn to the right through the displays is on purpose as it’s meant to make you feel like you’re in the grooves of a record!

The feel you get when you come to a section on display that is all about say… Jimi Hendrix, or the Beatles …is in some ways jaw dropping. You stand and look at things that you may have seen in pictures or have read about—(think the Beatles nehru suits or Jimi’s Fender strung with strings upside down) – you know you’re standing with eyes wide open but it seems surreal! “How could I possibly be standing in front of handwritten music from John Lennon?” And yet you are.

The displays and the education experience that are designed to fit together are well done, and you tend to see the history of Rock and Roll assembled like a puzzle. The Museum’s incredible artifacts, the hands on experience of the Garage Band (complete with instructors in some sections), the film montage of performances from the rock hall induction ceremonies, the year by year breakdown of the inductees (including being able to dial up a snip of their induction acceptance), the look at what a rock show’s backstage is like, the various instruments and even a look at what it may have been like for the Beatles to be on Ed Sullivan or various artists to appear on American Bandstand all create a great experience.

Take a look at some of my pics and then book a trip for yourself! After all Rock and Roll is the soundtrack of our lives!