The Real State Bird Is Back.


Well, welcome back to bug season!  The biting at my house started a week or so back after I was out spraying to kill the ants and other creepy crawlers in my lawn.  So I guess I’ll be giving the landscape a second dose of bug killer of some sort.

With that in mind I decided to do a quick search on line about bug bites and BOOM!  There is so much info on line about bugs and their bites that I decided to focus just on mosquitos.

It turns out the old tried and true of 20 to 30 percent DEET in any given product is still the way to go.  If you are tormented by the little beasts in your back yard there are a few devices that work to help and keep them at bay. The one I found most mentioned and effective in on-line discussions is Thermacell. This is a pretty simple way to keep the campfire mosquito-free for at least a couple hours.

You’re also going to want to dump any standing water around your place to keep them from breeding.   Remember these little demons can carry disease.

The final thing I thought was interesting in my searching was the variety of ways to treat bug bites.  If you have a propensity to swelling or an allergic reaction to bug bites, it seems the most common way to treat them is to ice the area heavily.  It helps to control the sting and the swelling.  Of course if you have something other than mosquito bites, such as tick bites, you’re going to want to monitor the bite carefully in case you would end up with a tick borne illness.

Anecdotally, I seem to build a little resistance through the season to the mosquito bites.  My experience is that I react more poorly to their spit/bite earlier in the season than later in the season.  Is it possible to build a tolerance?  I found no proof of that in my searching, but perception is reality I guess.

Happy bug season in our great state of Minnesota.  Here are some links you might find useful.