The PowerLoon’s App-e-tizer

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107.5 the PowerLoon is ready to quench your hunger for great Classic Rock and groceries!  It’s the App-e-tizer!  100 Dollars in groceries from Cub Foods in Brainerd Baxter every month for a year!  Download the PowerLoon mobile App today.  It’s powered by Hilltop Camper and RV and it’s your entry point for the App-e-tizer!

But wait there’s more…..  you can enter multiple times with bonus codes.  Listen at 9:20 am and 3:20 pm Monday through Friday to hear bonus codes that you can punch into the app and stack the deck on winning!

You can also cruise by cub and scan the QR code that moves weekly within the store for an additional entry.  It all adds up to more chances to win, it’s called listener rewards. 🙂

The App-e-tizer….it’s just a taste of the great relationship you’ll form with the PowerLoon’s Mobile App!