The Plow Truck Now Has a Name


The results are in!  Minnesota residents now know just which snowplows will be clearing their streets.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation  announced the conclusion of the “Name a Snowplow” contest for all eight districts Tuesday (3/2/21)

Plowy McPlowFace will soon be plowing streets in the Metro District;

Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya will make its home in District 4 in west-central Minnesota.

The other winning names, in order of vote totals, and their future homes are:

Duck Duck Orange Truck in District 1 (northeastern Minnesota);

Plow Bunyan in District 2 (northwestern Minnesota);

Snowbi Wan Kenobi in District 6 (southeastern Minnesota);

F. Salt Fitzgerald in District 7 (south-central Minnesota);

Darth Blader in District 3 (central Minnesota);

The Truck Formerly Known As Plow in District 8 (southwestern Minnesota).

Transportation officials say the names came from a batch of over 22-thousand submissions.

And Brainerd residents… you will soon get to help name 8 pieces of snow removal equipment for the city!  Stay tuned!