The Penalty Of Faking Sincerity


When it comes to faking sincerity, Mac has the market cornered, right?  Well here’s the consequence!

Being cheery all the time takes its toll. Researchers from two universities looked at interviews with over 1,500 U.S. workers (nice sample size), and found those who are forced to act happy and pleasant at work are more likely to go home and drink at the end of the day.

Study leader Alicia Grandey explains, “It wasn’t just feeling badly that makes them reach for a drink. Instead, the more they have to control negative emotions at work, the less they are able to control their alcohol intake after work.” People with these types of jobs who also are impulsive were even more likely to drink when the day was done as it takes extra effort to put on their fake grin at work, and then they’re out of self-control by the time they get home.

This of course explains a lot when it comes to Mac’s behavior.   But the question remains… What if you’re really nice?

Here’s how we’re sometimes forced into being nice…