Brainerd Area News | Mike Shermak

The Northern Pacific Railroad; Then and Now


There’s a lot of history behind the Northern Pacific Center. Brainerd’s existence may very well be attributed to it. Above is a map of what buildings used to be found at the historic site.

You can find more in-depth history here.

Ever since the 150 year-old buildings were no longer in use, many businesses have made their way into the center. Below is a map of what can NOW be found:


  1. Derosier and Associates    Website
  2. Loco Espresso Coffee Shop    Website
  3. Goody’s Gourmet Treats    Website
  4. Notch 8 Chow House     Website
  5. Luminary    Website
  6. Brickyard Fitness Center    Website
  7. The Brainerd Exchange    Website
  8. Blacksmith Main    Website
  9. The remaining foundation of the roundhouse.
  10. An empty, abandoned coal power plant.
  11. BNSF Brainerd Equipment Shop
  12. Cell Towers