The Lost Jimi Hendrix Guitar That Ticked Off The Internet Has Been Found


Recently the internet celebrated the hiring of Mark Agnesi from Norman’s Rare Guitars as an executive at Gibson guitars.

Mark was very popular among the guitar crowd on YouTube with his Guitar of the Day videos and thought to be a great asset at the Nashville guitar giant.  That lasted right up to last months “Play Authentic” video when Mark managed to upset the internet and led to countless angry reply videos.  Mark’s video had a good point, “Don’t buy copies of Gibson guitars made by other companies”, I guess the internet didn’t like the tone.

The internet hasn’t been that mad at Gibson since that time they tried to introduce a line of Gibson/Jimi Hendrix “Stratocaster” guitars made in China.  Yes Hendrix famously played Stratocaster, a Fender Stratocaster, not Gibson and made in USA.  Yep, Gibson tried to make a guitar designed and made famous by another company…. in China.  The Brouhaha was enough to cause Gibson to make the whole Hendrix project disappear. 

That is until yesterday, when Trogly’s Guitars found one of the prototypes, and posted it to YouTube, which is exactly when the internets anti-irony forces sprang into action.  Comment posts include “Hendrix is shaking on his grave”, “and Gibson wants to talk about play authentic” and “All that’s missing is “hello kitty”.