Loon Morning Crew

The Firm


I was remembering the days when “The Firm” first came to the scene. I was in college and Led Zeppelin had ended and no one had heard from Bad Company for a while.  Then after a brief encounter at a charity event, Jimmy Page and Paul Rogers joined forces along with Chris Slade (AC/DC among others) and Tony Franklin ( who’s played with the likes of Whitesnake and Kenny Wayne Shepherd) to form “The Firm”.

The first album is still my favorite from the two but “Mean Business” delivered some memorable stuff as well.  Including the number one rock track for a while in 1986 “All the Kings Horses” and “Live in Peace”  which was the follow up.  Another favorite from the record was not released as a single, “Free To Live”.

We relived the memory this morning with the Loon Morning Crew and so here’s another chance to drudge up some grey matter.