The Best Halloween Make-Up Tutorials For 2018

Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

As long as I can remember, my Halloween costumes have been DIY projects. There’s no shortage of themes or character ideas on YouTube this year. There’s lots to choose from whether it’s a Marvel character or straight out of Stranger Things, all have one thing in common. Applying the perfect Halloween make-up is a must.

Here’s a video with some fabulous Halloween make-up tips to help with your Scary Zombie Nun costume, a Black and White Clown costume, or one of the popular Fortnite Skins (Battlehawk, Dark Voyager, Teknique). Plus, it doesn’t appear they require cardboard, an X-Acto knife, a glue gun, hinges, spray paint, or a 100 lb. pumpkin. Yes, there are some pretty elaborate ones out there that look time consuming, so maybe sticking with some of these easy body make-up and a brush ideas will be your best bet. Share some of your ideas or costume photos on our Facebook page!