The Alzheimer’s Walk Is This Weekend

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I’d like to invite everyone to consider what they might do in relationship to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s this weekend.

I know that many of you have Alzheimer’s disease in you families.  I have talked about it on the Morning Show with the Loon Morning Crew many times how it has affected my family.  My dad went from a man that could quote entire chapters from the Bible to not remembering my name.  I know firsthand the pain and disappointment that it brings when you feel like you’ve lost your dad or mom even though they are still with you.  And as of this year my oldest brother was placed in a care facility.

It hits home for me and for many.  So if you can, walk.  If you can’t, get involved by supporting someone that is going to walk.  The 2019 Brainerd Lakes Area Walk to End Alzheimer’s is coming up this Saturday at Forestview Middle School in Baxter. Log on at and register yourself or your team. Then, start asking your friends, family and neighbors for donations as we work together toward finding a cure for Alzheimer’s and its related dementia. Keep in mind that you can make a contribution at the same website.