Thanks Google Assistant, Thank You So Much!


If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably said ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ to your digital assistant. Now you’re finally going to get the recognition you deserve– at least if you’re using a Google Home product. As an example you say  “Hey Google, please check and see what time Seinfeld is on today,” Google Assistant will now respond with “Thanks for asking so nicely! Seinfeld is on at 7.”  You don’t have to be polite, though, the assistant will still work for you if you’re curt. Google first told the world about the feature, which they call “Pretty Please,” back in May. Amazon rolled out an almost identical feature for its Alexa back in April of this year.


But the Loon Morning Crew is wondering if your Electronic Assistant can pick on sarcasm.  For instance “Hey Google, thanks for waking me up late today.. thank-you so much! Could you please do that again tomorrow?”  Due to this perceived flaw, Mac is now extending his course on faking sincerity to include a digital assistant session.

Here’s a short lesson on sarcasm.