Tennessee Police Officer Saves Couple From Dangerous Snake [VIDEO]

dirt road

A Tennessee deputy saved a couple from a potentially deadly rattlesnake bite, and that’s not even the most unusual part of this story.

While responding to a suspicious persons call, the deputy drove up to a couple who were lying on a dirt road. Before he could even ask why they were lying in the middle of a dirt road, he noticed an extremely dangerous rattlesnake slithering right by them.

The deputy quietly told them to remain still and then advised them to roll away. The man stood up and got out of there, while his female companion took her time and very slowly walked away. The bizarre scene was captured on the officer’s body camera. There’s no word why exactly the couple was sleeping in the road. The officer said, “You know, you think you see everything in this profession and then you see something like that.”  Check out details at (WATE-TV).

And check out the video below.