Teen Was Late For Curfew When Pulled Over Doing 138 MPH


When you tell your teen to be home by 9:30 you mean it.  But if your teen is late what’s the consequence?  Evidently the consequence would have been severe for this teen, because he was willing to really put the hammer down.

A Detroit teen was pulled over for driving 138 miles per hour, and he told police he was “late for curfew.” The 17-year-old, who was not identified, was racing along I-75 and weaving in and out of lanes to get around traffic when he was pulled over on November 23rd. Police tweeted that they “gave the kid a break on the reckless driving charge,” but he will be slapped with a ticket.  I guess it cost him some dough but don’t you think losing his license for a few weeks might help his thinking next time?  And if the penalty for missing curfew was that severe, what’s the penalty from Mom for doing 138 in a 70?