Take A Tour Of The Newest Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar Location For The State Fair

Photo Credit: Minnesota State Fair

With the state fair rapidly approaching, the insanely famous Sweet Martha’s Cookies is opening a new location for the 2018 edition of the Minnesota State Fair.

KARE 11 went on Facebook Live and got the scoop on what the new facility will look like for Sweet Martha’s Cookies.

I’m not as much of a state fair as most people. Maybe it’s because growing up in the far Northwest corner of Minnesota meant it was a five hour drive just to get to the state fair. That’s a looooong drive time just to get into big crowds in hot weather. But you know the one thing I always wanted when my family went to the state fair? Those sweet, sweet cookies that this Martha character put out that everyone loved. Sweet Martha’s Cookies is as Minnesotan as the Minnesota High School Hockey state tournament. 

I legitimately had a co-worker buy me a bucket of those cookies when they went last year. I just kept them in the work freezer and it was the best snack during that mid-day lull (sorry to my waistline). With the demand growing every year, Martha and company decided to open another location for the fair. Smart move when you consider how long the lines get. Profits get tied up when the lines get longer, now you can turn out more cookies at a faster pace to more people (yeah I took an economics course in college, no big deal or anything). 

Now I really want some of those cookies…