So What’s Your Last Meal At Olive Garden Going To Be?


Well we’ve only got a few days left before our beloved Olive Garden in Baxter closes it’s doors for good. A lot of people have been giving it one more go around. Have you seen the parking lot the last couple of days? Packed. Earlier this week we speculated on what we thought maybe the next business to go into that location. This time around I ask, what’s going to be your last meal at Olive Garden? You can peruse the menu here.

As for me. I think I’ll start off with a nice  glass of Cabernet.

From there for an appetizer how about and order of the “Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms”. Extra bread sticks too please!

For the main course I’ll go with the “Stuffed Chicken Marsala” garlic mash potatoes on the side.

How about dessert? Why not. I’ll take a slice of your “Sicilian Cheesecake”

That was delicious, now I’m off to the gym. Bon appetit. We will miss you Olive Garden.