City of Brainerd Declares A Snow Emergency For Sunday, March 10th


The snow hasn’t gotten the memo that we are in March now as the City of Brainerd has declared a snow emergency for Sunday, March 10th. 

According to a press release, the city of Brainerd will be in a snow emergency on Sunday, March 10th. That means that snow plowing will begin at 5:00 AM on Sunday and will be plowing the entire city. You will not be allowed to park on these streets during.

  • All Snow Emergency Routes
  • All north–south streets or streets that generally run north-south
  • All Streets south of Wright Street
  • All Streets West of the Mississippi River

It was also noted that on Monday, snow plowing will start at 7:00 AM. 

The city also sent out a press release for snow removal and that snow removal in the Downtown Business District will start at 3:00 AM Sunday morning. Parking will be banned on the following streets.

  • Front Street from South 6th Street to South 8th Street
  • Laurel Street from South 6th Street to South 8th Street
  • South 7th Street from Maple Street to Front Street