Smiles For Jake

smiles for jake

This Sunday night at 6 o’clock there’s a community launch of the Suicide Prevention Movement “Smiles for Jake”!  This is an opportunity for you to listen, learn and launch into the mission of what we can do about suicide in the Brainerd Lakes, our state, and ultimately our country.

The mission statement for “Smiles for Jake” says “Everyone should have hope. By spreading proactive positivity while lending listening ears, helping hands, and open hearts, we spread the message that no one should have to live in despair and hopelessness. Every person is loved, valued, and important.” And one of their core initiatives is to lift people up, saying “In everything Smiles for Jake does, we seek to uplift people through positive actions, words, and feelings. We will harness the power of a smile to give hope.” 

You’ll get the full scoop when you get out and show your support this Sunday night!  The doors will open at 5pm and the program begins at 6pm.  It’s in the Brainerd High School Gym.  You can use the East entrance and head straight to the gym!  The thing is #wearealljake   🙂