Should A Co-Worker Be Able To Take Over A Parking Spot On Their Own?


So here’s the situation. For the last 15 or so years I’ve had a co-worker basically take over the same parking spot, and pronounce it their own. The rest of the building hasn’t really said much nor have I. There are times though, when the lot is full, and I have used that spot (maybe 5-6 times in last fifteen years). That was the case yesterday, and said individual got shall we say a little “persnickety” with me. I calmly explained that I had no where else to park, and was told to “go park in the grass field” adjacent to the parking lot. It’s at this point that I have now decided to park in this spot anytime I can. Needless to say things have escalated. I’m not being petty, just trying to prove a point. Am I wrong here? If you want to get an idea of this little feud, see the video below. The circumstances are different, but the spirit is the same.