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Secret Boyfriend –Shot as Intruder


From the the Loon Morning Crew this morning.  This is one of the weirder stories we’ve had for a while.

An Alabama homeowner exchanged gunfire with an intruder, sending both men to the hospital with injuries, and then the story got weird.

Frank Reeves’ wife told him there was an intruder in the house, so he grabbed his gun and fired on the stranger, hitting him. But the intruder also fired and hit Reeves in the chest. After police investigated the shooting, they discovered that the intruder was actually the wife’s boyfriend and that he had been secretly living inside the house without Reeves knowing. It’s unclear how long he had been living in the house right under his nose, but the wife admitted to slipping him food for several days. The wife, who cops say was extremely intoxicated, didn’t explain why she told her husband that the boyfriend was an intruder.

The boyfriend is charged with attempted murder and several other gun charges. (WALA-TV)