Santa On A Motorcycle Chases A Hit-And-Run Driver Through The Streets Of Paris


If you have a spare three minutes, and you like chase scenes, you’ll love this.  Especially because it’s real.  It’s a motorcycle-driving Santa in hot pursuit of a hit-and-run driver on the streets of Paris . . . and his helmet cam films the whole thing. He’s at a stoplight when he sees a car knock over a pedestrian, and then take off.  He tries to stop the car by pulling in front of it, but the driver scoots away . . . and the chase is on.

At this point it plays out just like a movie:  He weaves in and out of congested traffic, squeezes between cars, and comes within inches of getting hit.  He even loses sight of the “villain” a couple of times but never lets up. Things escalate when he pulls up behind some motorcycle cops and tells them the story.  They join the chase and arrest the hit-and-run driver when their car gets stuck in a massive traffic jam.