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Ruttger’s Beer And Bacon Bonanza A Success

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

The Beer and Bacon Bonanza – Hamdemic edition was held this past weekend at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge.

The celebration of beer and bacon included a Pignic with beer from Minnesota crafters, a pork feast, a concert from Betty and the noise and a collection of wacky games including the ‘porkbelly flop’ contest and of course the competition the coveted Mr. Bacon 2020 pageant.

The competition includes a speed bacon eating contest, a stylish stroll around the pool, an artistic and enthusiastic belly flop and the always dreaded question and answer session. Mackie and Chris Ruttger handled the difficult role of judges while Ruttger’s Dave McMillan appropriately dressed in a pink pig outfit was masterful as MC. The water displacement of the flopper’s was down bit this year, as there was a lack of good lookin fat men entered in the contest. This opened the door for the first actual ‘beauty’ to win the prestigious title. 8 year old Emory traveled all the way from Omaha to grab the ‘Mr. Bacon’ sash. Emory showed off a finely tuned spinning belly flop and then remained thoughtful and calm as she described the taste of bacon to a visitor from outer space…” i’d say bacon’s the best tasting food in the universe!”