Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney Team Up To Deliver A John Lennon Song

IMG_7836 (2)

The pieces of history that we pick up and look at from a distance are sometimes extraordinary.  I love finding bits like this one.  Ringo has another album coming out (What’s My Name) and he’s teaming with Paul McCartney and Joe Walsh (his brother in-law) on one of the songs called Grow Old With Me.

It’s a song that was part of the demos for John Lennon’s Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey albums.  Some interesting factoids about these demos include the note that John had earmarked a couple songs for Ringo when he wrote them.  Those in the know say that Nobody Told Me and Life Begins At 40 were both intended for Ringo.  Of course everybody knows John’s version of Nobody Told Me because it was a posthumous release that we all cradled in our hearts after his passing.

Now we get a little piece of John again through Ringo and Paul, and I can’t wait to sample it.  But in the mean time you can sample this demo from John where he specifically mentions Ringo and his intentions.

Just click play!